Air Particle Counters MET ONE

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Particle Counters | MET ONE 3400 Series

Portable Air Particle Counters

Air particle counters by MET ONE are the industry leader in life science companies to ensure compliance to ISO14644 cleanroom monitoring applications.   The MET ONE 3400 air particle counter is uniquely designed for both Aseptic fill, environmental monitoring, and cleanroom validation particle counting needs.

 Particle Counters | HHPC 6+ Handheld

Hand Held Air Particle Counters

Affordable airborne particle counters, the all-new MET ONE HHPC+ Series handhelds.  With plug and play transfer of airborne cleanroom particle counting data by easy-to use USB, Memory Stick and Ethernet electronic data transfer, you’ll be spending less time in the cleanroom and more time on the results!  Simple.  Fast.  MET ONE.

 Particle Counters | MET ONE 6000

Remote Air Particle Counters

The MET ONE cleanroom monitoring systems and solutions, offer the life science industry the highest technology particle counting solution for aseptic fill drug production.   The MET ONE 6000, MET ONE 6000P, and MET ONE 7000 air particle counters ensure compliance to ISO14644 and seamlessly provide robust particle counting and open-architechture seamless data management within all 21 CFR part 11 life science cleanroom environments.